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Limbo Series Boxed Set by Andrea Smith
This New Adult/Contemporary Romance Boxed set contains two full length novels.

Book 1 – Silent Whisper

What was I thinking that cold, snowy night as I traveled over the steep mountain pass in Chester, WV? I certainly wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. For twenty-seven years I’ve flitted through life without a care or worry. All that was about to change. But this isn’t my story. It’s hers. I’m simply the one that needs to tell it, you see, because of my gift. 

My name is Parrish Locke. 
I’m a daughter. 
I’m a model. 
I’m a lover. 
But I’m so much more than that. 
I’m gifted in a way that I never knew…until that dark winter night when I met…her. 
Do you enjoy suspense, mystery, steamy romance, and taking a lusty bite of forbidden fruit? Then, by all means, come take this journey with me. Be warned: Expect the Unexpected… 

Book 2 – Clouds in my Coffee

This second installment in the ‘Limbo Series’ finds 27 year-old Parrish going to Evanston, Wyoming. She must unravel the circumstances surrounding the 1974 death of a popular teenage cheerleader named Cecily (Cece) Adams. 

All is not what it appears to be, or what the records show. Parrish takes a trip back to the tumultuous 1970’s to re-live the events leading up to Cece’s untimely death. 

During Parrish’s episode she reaches out to her newly acquainted father, Nick, for support and guidance. Nick contacts an old acquaintance of his who was previously with the FBI and calls in a favor. 

That favor brings sinfully sexy Marco Trevani Jr., an FBI agent into the picture and into Parrish’s life. 

One relationship fizzles, and another one sizzles!