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From the ashes of the fallen demon court, a new threat rises…

Raised in a lab and trained to kill, I might not know much about being human, but I do know demons, and they don’t come more dangerous than the Prince of Pride—the devil.

My brother is trapped at the heart of Fairhaven—a demon stronghold. To get him back, I need Pride’s help. Trained to kill princes, I know I can’t trust this one. He’ll lie, cheat, and manipulate to get what he wants: a new Dark Court so that he can rise again as its leader. His pretty words and burned wings don’t fool me. I’ll use him and any means necessary to save my brother. I don’t have a choice. If I fail, if I can’t control the elemental forces gathering inside Fairhaven, chaos will be unleashed, creating a new Hell on Earth.

My makers tell me I’m too demon to love, too demon to care. But they made me this way. Now it’s time to show them all how demon I can be.



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Chaos Unleashed (Chaos Rises, #2)Chaos Unleashed by Pippa DaCosta
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There was a Veil series cameo!!! Don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you, but… YAY!

Picking up where the last book left off, Gem promises her services to Li’el if he will help her find her brother, Del. She will stop at nothing to rescue him from Vanth, even aligning with the Devil himself, Li’el, the Prince of Pride, to get him back.

But as it often is with demons in this series, nothing is black and white… Nor will it be as easy as Gem anticipates.

Still badass as ever, Gem doesn’t hold back. Through epic demon fights and mind-games, she is obsessively focused on her brother. Though it takes a bit to get there, the revelations start hitting left and right. And that’s when the story picked up for me.

And let me tell you, the revelations I did not see coming!

The end, though… Oh, man.

*Side-eyes and squints at Pippa DaCosta* I’m picturing you gleeful at my emotional torment.

I know this was the final book in this duology, but I was left hoping that there would be more, possibly a little short story to see what happens following right when it ends. It definitely leaves the door open for more and/or a spin-off or two.

Really, though, Torrent. My poor, poor Torrent. I think Demons by Imagine Dragons was written just for this character. *Side-eyes and squints at Pippa DaCosta, again*

*Copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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Born in Kent in 1979, Pippa’s— “Wait a second. Let’s cut to the chase. I write kick-ass urban fantasy & sci-fi novels with conflicted characters, breathless action, and no-holds-barred dialogue. My books may not leave you feeling all fluffy and warm inside, but they will excite you. There will be plot-twists, angst, probably a few dead bodies, and very likely your favorite character will turn out to be the bad guy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…”

Pippa DaCosta is a hybrid author. Before securing a traditional publisher, she published the Veil Series (a x5 book urban fantasy series) independently in 2014. She has also published two science fiction books, with more planned. Pippa is traditionally published with Bloomsbury, and Random House Germany. Her work has been featured in the Galaxy Chronicles anthology, part of the Future Chronicles series. Pippa continues to independently and traditionally publish her work.

She lives in Cornwall, UK.

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