Shattered Fears, the next installment of The Glacial Blood Series by Anna Edwards, releases July 31!


Design: Charity Hendry


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Isobel Ross has led a sheltered life, because her father is a Senator for Montana, and she has to act a certain way. She’s known love, though, only to have her heart shattered when the man she gave her virginity to disappeared. Chance brings them back together. Can she find it in her heart to forgive him?

Zain Thornton is the honey-loving bear of the Glacial Blood pack. Is his obsession a mask for the guilt and fear he hides? He’s a shifter. The woman he loves can never be with one of them. It’s too risky for all their futures. Can he find a way to live the life he wants when everything around his falls apart?

Shattered Fears is the fourth book in the ‘wildy’ popular, Glacial Blood Series by author, Anna Edwards. It’s set in a paranormal world full of drama, suspense, and great love affairs. Plus, it features a secret that must never be told for fear of the consequences.

A family isn’t always blood. It’s the people who accept you for who you are.