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She’s a rare rose no beast like me should touch.

A fine wine that quenches the thirst of a dying man.

She’s a little bird, yearning to spread her wings and fly.

While I’m the cage that keeps her firmly within my grasp.

Sparrow has always been innocent … until she wasn’t.

Now, the only thing I see—instead of the perfect, timid creature before me …

… is a liar … a deceiver …

A woman I still love more than anything.


He’s a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

A temptation no woman can resist.

He’s a fierce, dominant, yet innocent bird handler.

And I’m the one that gave him the key to my cage at eighteen.

Declan has always been the one I couldn’t resist.

Now, the only thing I see—instead of the loyal, protective man before me …

… is a jerk … a stranger …

A man that can still cause a slow burn to encompass me.