Release Date: February 21, 2019

Photo Credit: Darren Birks Photography

Model: Chris Connolly




Noah Wright was not the man for me.

Tall, sexy and beautiful. He drew attention everywhere he went.
While all I wanted was to blend in—fade into the background.

Nope, Noah Wright was definitely not the man for me.

I’d heard the rumors and seen the women. He was a player, who flaunted his conquests for all to see.

Noah Wright was not for me.
Except… he was the first man to make my thighs clench and my core flutter.
Giving in to temptation once couldn’t hurt, right? I just had to avoid being seen in public with him. Easy, right? Simple.
And it was.
Until I found out the rumors about Noah Wright were wrong, and the truth… the truth was so much worse.





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About the Author


J.C. Grant was born in Oklahoma and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.
She writes super sexy Romance about Alpha males and the women they love.


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