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A pretend relationship.
A deadly game.
One misstep, and it could mean both of our lives.

I’m just a girl, with dreams too big and hopes verging on hopeless.
I never planned to become his.

Nathan Stone.
Fiercely handsome. Powerful. The pull between us borders on primal.
I need to be careful. He’s a dangerous man with even more dangerous enemies.

He took a big gamble, lying to protect me.
Now his future is on the line as much as mine, and we have to keep up this charade.
Make it look convincing.

But when his lips touch mine, I taste only truth.
When he pulls me into his arms, it feels like forever.

It can’t just be the ruse and the danger of getting caught.
My heart says this is real . . .
And I’ll follow him to the ends of the Earth to prove it.