#Review ~ Depredation by Natalie Bennett


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Kidnapped. Tortured. Corrupted.

He stole me away in the middle of the night.

A windowless cell with a floor of stone became my new home.

He took, and he took until I had nothing left to entertain him with.
And then I was abandoned and left to die, just like all the other girls.

He has no idea I’m alive.
He doesn’t know he woke the devil inside me.

When I find him, nothing in the world will be strong enough to save his tar black soul.

18+ Reader discretion is highly advised.
Complete standalone novella. No cliffhanger. Loosely connected to DEVILS WITH HALOS.




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DepredationDepredation by Natalie Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars

Two things you should know before starting this book:

1) This is a quick read. Novella length, with a tight focus on the events between the protagonist and antagonist.

2) THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE! This is a Dark Erotic Thriller. Take the author’s warning seriously.

This was my very first book by this author and I’m happy to say I’ve found another author to add to my watch list. There is nothing fluffy in this book. Just a quick, unvarnished tale of one woman’s survival and revenge on a madman. And, oh boy, is J. a madman.

J. likes his toys. He is meticulous in picking his women. He plans, plots, stalks until everything is perfect and the time is right. And then he takes what he wants. Harper is to be his last, his perfect toy. Keeping her captive in the basement of a remote cabin, he plans to enjoy her for as long as he can. But you know what they say of the best-laid plans…

I loved Harper and how strong she was throughout. She was the perfect match for J., whose slowly revealed background will make your jaw drop and skin crawl. I really would have loved for this to be novel length so there would have been time to explore them more individually and dig deeper into the psychological aspects of what was happening.

The ending, while satisfying, did feel abrupt and had me wondering if this was it or if we would get more in Devils With Halos. Which I have every intention of reading regardless, btw. The snippets about “Malignant” within this book have me beyond excited to see what is to come.


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She’s his superior officer, he’s just a lowly recruit…
Does love conquer rank?

When bear shifter Eric joins the newly formed Alpha Squad, a joint human/shifter taskforce, he fears it’s all just a waste of time. It’s all the work of a politician trying to make a name for himself; Eric is sure of it. That is until he meets his training officer; Major Janine Williams…

The squad may just be a farce, but her presence alone is enough to keep him on base and on task. For her, he’ll give the squad a real shot. If only the feeling was mutual…

Janine did not want to be the one to lead Alpha Squad; neither did any of her male colleagues. When the on-base general orders her to let the squad fail during boot camp training itself, her worst fears are confirmed.

Worse still, she can’t stop thinking about one of her recruits. Dating someone under her command is the last thing she needs.

Alpha Squad’s future hangs in the balance; as does Janine’s hard-fought military career. Boot camp has only just begun…

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