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Three Dirty Secrets by Nikki Sloane is now available as an audiobook! Muffy Newtown narrates and it’s *crazy* HOT.

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No man can own me. I negotiate sex for money at an illicit blindfold club, but my body is not for sale. I don’t submit, and I don’t surrender.


Craving Mr. Kinky by A.M. Madden and Joanne Schwehm is AVAILABLE NOW!

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Craving Mr. Kinky by A.M. Madden and Joanne Schwehm is AVAILABLE NOW!

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Here’s a tip: When you least expect it, expect it.

I’d been known to have my share of beautiful women. Usually, I met them in a bar, through a mutual acquaintance, or even when photographing them.

Imagine my surprise when a gorgeous blonde drove her car into mine on the way to a party.

No more than a minute after our run-in, a string of colorful words flew from her mouth in rapid fire.

Unexplainably, the angrier she became the harder I got. All sorts of scenarios played in my head of how I could get her to shut up. I was all for feisty women, but I preferred leaving that for the bedroom—not on the streets of New York.

When I learned she was a school teacher, that worsened my disposition. What man didn’t have a dirty teacher fantasy at one point in his life? I decided it was my turn to teach her a thing or two… or so I thought. Little did I know, Miss Prim-and-Proper would turn the tables on me.

She called me Mr. Kinky, and that was fine with me.

Lesson learned: Desire always trumps logic.

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Finding Mr. Wrong

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Ten amazing authors bundled some of their sexiest books in a steamy summer boxed set. And it’s totally FREE! Check it out! TEN books from bestselling authors are in this HOT limited time bundle!

Going Down Easy by Carly Phillips

Possessive by Willow Winters

There is No Light in Darkness by Claire Contreras

Resisting the Bad Boy by Violet Duke

The Pawn by Skye Warren

Garrison’s Creed by Cristin Harber

Marriage Material by Barbara Samuel

If You Were Mine by Jenika Snow

Bare Ass in Love by Sasha Burke

Making Her Melt by Amber Lin


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#Teaser for FLIP TRICK by Amo Jones!

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Flip Trick, an all-new standalone Bad-Boy Romance by Amo Jones is coming July 23rd!!

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I did something I had never done before.

I had a one-night stand.

Then in true me fashion, I left my phone at his house during my desperate venture to escape.

I tried hard to ignore the texts sent to my best friend’s phone…

Amethyst: Sup, these selfies are cute as shit, but your lips looked better wrapped around my…

I did NOT text him back.

I DID vow to never speak of him, or that night again…

I’m Amethyst Lily Tatum, and up until this point, I’d managed to maintain a fairly low-key life. I’m what you would call a socially unacceptable hot mess. Instead of partying, I’m skating, flipping ollie’s over guys who loved to underestimate me. Then I started college, met a wild girl who I would soon call my best-friend, had my first drunk one-night stand, left my phone at his house, and then, when I finally managed to meet my mom’s new boyfriend, I found out that my one-night stand, was now my new stepbrother.

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His Human Slave by Renee Rose Romance is FREE!

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Zander, the alien warrior prince intent on recovering his planet, needs a mate. While he would never choose a human of his own accord, hisphysician’s gene-matching program selected Lamira’s DNA as the best possible match with his own. Now he must teach the beautiful slaveto yield to his will, accept his discipline and learn to serve him as her one true master.

Lamira has hidden her claircognizance from the Ocretions, as aberrant traits in human slaves are punished by death. When she’s bought by a Zandian prince for breeding and kept by his side at all times, she finds it increasingly harder to hide. His humiliating punishments and dominance awake a powerful lust in her, which he tracks with a monitoring device on her arousal rate. But when she begins to care for the huge, demanding alien, she must choose between preserving her own life and revealing her secret to save his.

Devour the first steamy stand-alone romance in USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Rose’s Zandian Masters series.

Publisher’s Notes: This book was originally included in the box setHuman Surrender. It is a dark romance with elements of graphic sex, spanking and BDSM. If such subject offend you, please do not buy this book!